Bat Servicing

Before Repairing Service        
After Repairing Service

  • Face & Edge protection – Over a period of time, the extratec on your bat gets worn out because of use. The major problem is that this sheet gets strongly adhered to the willow and is hard to take off without appropriate tools and experience. The grains of the willow can be pulled off if this is not done properly. The sheet also leaves the adhesive residue on the face of the bat. Hence, it needs to be removed carefully and new extratec needs to be applied.


  • Oiling – A cricket bat is made up of Salix caerulea willow which tends to dry quickly. You must have noticed that after playing over a period of time, your bat performance starts decreasing & it starts sounding hollow. This is a clear indication that your bat is completely dried out and is more vulnerable to severe damages, cracks and might break in no time. . A bat needs to be optimally oiled at all times. Under oiling & over oiling will damage your bat.


  • Sanding – removes excess oil from blade of the bat, also reduce weight added during oiling and bring back the natural colour of the bat.


  • Buffing – brings shine back to the bat and helps in locking the moisture.



  • Bee Wax – is applied at the back side of the bat to lock the moisture inside the bat, add shine & give professional look to your favorite bat.


  • Toe Protection – Toe guard & Shoe goo gets worn out due to harsh playing conditions. Toe protection must always been maintained to avoid any water damage. We apply new toe protection or fix the existing one as per your requirement.


  • Bat Handle – Grips lose their shape and undergo wear and tear over a period of time. We thoroughly inspect the bat and apply a new grip if required.


Underneath the grip, sometimes the handle thread towards the shoulder loosen up because of friction between the handle and the grip. This might look minor but can cause severe damage to the bat handle which is the most important part of a cricket bat. We can fix the existing thread or rethread your bat, whichever is appropriate. Damage to the handle due to loosen thread is not covered under warranty.